The Indra Congress

The mission of The Indra Congress (TIC) is to promote, develop, practise and research the uses of the arts as a resource for non-violent conflict transformation, peacebuilding and reconciliation. This will be achieved through the building of a global network of artists, educators, young people, researchers and others who share this commitment.

The Indra Congress and the University have agreed to work in partnership for mutual benefit. The Indra Congress will look to facilitate opportunities for our students and staff to engage with its international network of practitioners, theatres, universities and schools for placements, teaching or research purposes. The University will provide opportunities for The Indra Congress to engage with our staff and students and will offer some administrative and infrastructural support. Both parties will promote each other’s activities through their websites, newsletters and other channels.

About The Indra Congress

TIC currently has groups across the UK in Plymouth, Bolton, Burnley, Durham and Derry/Londonderry and overseas in Palestine (Bethlehem), India (Lucknow), South Africa (Durban), Greece (Athens) and in Brazil, Cyprus, Kosovo, Canada, Sierra Leone and Nigeria. Our vision is to use the language of the arts to challenge stereotypes, prejudices, inequalities and destructive myths, to build bridges, to promote empathy and to help build positive and just relationships across perceived boundaries and barriers.

Once upon a time the god Indra made a large net to cover the whole world. Each point of intersection consisted of a beautiful, precious pearl. None of the pearls existed by themselves except as a reflection of each other and of all the pearls in the net. In turn the whole net relied on each individual pearl for its existence.
The aims of TIC will be achieved through the development of a rolling programme of live Congress events (regional, national and international) within a framework of ongoing, grassroots activities, training, research and advocacy. Groups devise creative projects addressing key issues in their local communities, share their experiences with their Indra peers through digital and social media and bi-lateral projects and then come together for live Congress events - the most recent Global Indra Congress event took place in The House at the University in July 2015.