Ibaraki/Devon Sound Exchange

BBC Radio 3 presenter, radio producer and music curator Nick Luscombe travelled to the east coast of Japan a year after the devastating earthquake that effected large parts of the area. He visited the city of Mito in Ibaraki armed with his microphone and recorder to capture an audio snapshot of people's daily lives, recording all manner of sounds and conversations whilst exploring the city on foot, bicycle and public transport. He visited sake factories and rice fields, pig farms and railway stations, izakaya and shopping centres. Upon returning to the UK, Nick recorded similar aspects of people's lives in his home town of Plymouth, with the aim of linking the two distant locations via sound. 

The radio programme's initial aim was to create something that would assist the healing process of the many Japanese people who were affected by the earthquake, by helping them make a connection with the people of Plymouth through the recordings of ordinary activities and conversations that we all share. The radio programme was broadcast to the people of Mito in December 2013 via the local Mito FM station. 

This will be the first time the programme has been played to an audience here in Plymouth.

The music in the programme is from Mito-born Japanese musician and performer Reikan Kobayahi, and Devon-born musician John Surman.