Art history with the School of Humanities and Performing Arts

Have you ever wondered why Tracy Emin's work generates such controversy? Or why Leonardo's Mona Lisa still seduces viewers with her enigmatic smile? Did you know that Impressionism was a scandalous art movement? Or that Van Eyck's Ghent altarpiece has been stolen six times? 

If you are interested in these questions, if you want to learn more about past and present art, and if you want to train towards a career in the arts, then art history at University of Plymouth is for you.

Will I enjoy art history? 

Yes, if ...

  • you're enthusiastic about art, from painting to installations, photography to sculpture
  • you enjoy visiting galleries and museums
  • you like digging around for information in galleries, libraries and archives and finding exciting ways to present it
  • your ideal week on campus might include an in-class debate on the Turner Prize, a lecture on Gustav Klimt's golden portraits, a visit to Tate St Ives for a day of British Modernism, and an evening talk from an invited speaker on Picasso and Degas.