Student partnerships

Students are central to the teaching and learning activity of the Plymouth Institute of Education (PIoE); they are also implicitly involved in knowledge exchange activity through, for example, teacher education programmes, community based work placements and international study exchanges.  

Students are partners in research activity across the PIoE; this activity includes student-led research projects completed during academic studies and research in partnership with PIOE academic staff and associates. Students also engage in research with community groups and organisations as participants and through activity such as work-based learning and work experience placements.  

Student partnerships operate throughout the PIoE and beyond through the civic work of the institute. Students are involved in, for example, community projects, charities and third sector organisations as workers, participants and volunteers.  

For further information about UPPScale Student Partnerships please contact:

Dr Cath Gristy
Programme leader for BA Education



My-self, My-place and My-Space: A live community-based project

The aim of this live community-based project was to design an outdoor storytelling space to be located in Stonehouse Creek.

The design team comprised first year BA (Hons) Architecture, final year BA (Hons) Early Childhood Studies, BA (Hons) Education students and children from High Street Primary Academy School and St Peter’s primary schools. 

Children were asked to document their key people’s community stories by drawing a map of the key places in their community and explained the stories associated with these places to the students.

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