Sharing ideas and experiences

Researchers at the Plymouth Institute of Education are interested in all kinds of learners and how to support different kinds of learning in formal and informal contexts. In addition to doing schoolwork together at home, time spent trying new activities, engaging in familiar routines or reflecting on recent experiences can increase children’s self-confidence and deepen family relationships. This time is also important in encouraging lifelong involvement in developing skills and pursuing interests, which can help to sustain physical and mental wellbeing.

We have shared ideas that we have found useful to support different kinds of learning in school and at home, as well as some reflections on learning within and beyond the curriculum. These include writing and drawings by children from University Practice Partnerships and some ideas for supporting parents and teachers with aspects of students’ learning and development. Feel free to browse the learning resources, find inspiration and create your own work to share with us by email at We would love to know what has inspired or intrigued you.


Covid Chronicles

Year 6 children from Ermington Primary School, one of the University of Plymouth’s practice partners, share their experiences of life in lockdown and returning to school through art and audio recordings.

This sharing of children's experiences forms part of the Plymouth Institute of Education's research into the effects of Covid-19 in the South West. By finding out how different groups respond to the challenges and opportunities of the pandemic, we hope to determine how to prepare for future disruptions.

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The Passion Project

An exploratory project that applies the independent learning techniques used across the university practice partners to the construction of a rock garden.

The project demonstrates how the very latest research on education during the Covid-19 pandemic has informed the design of the activities recommended by the Plymouth Institute of Education for use by parents and teachers.

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