Fundamental Movement Skills Course

The Fundamental Skills (FMS) professional development consists of six two-hour modules based upon the associated resource. 

You will receive: 

  • An online FMS Teacher Resource package (includes two manuals)
  • A certificate of participation in the Fundamental Movement Skills Teacher Professional Development
  • Practical activities for classroom application

What you will learn 

  • Increase your knowledge of fundamental movement skills;
  • How to assess children’s proficiency in a variety of fundamental movement skills;
  • Cater for children with movement difficulties;
  • Plan and deliver relevant teaching and learning programmes that support each child’s development of proficient fundamental movement skills;
  • Understand the relationship between fundamental movement skills and nurturing children on their physical literacy journey.





£50 Students/Alumni

£75 for non University of Plymouth Students 

How to apply 

When dates have been confirmed you will be able top purchase this course via the University's estore.

More information 

Please contact or pop into Pitts Hall for more information.