Closer To Home project
With a starting salary of £21,588 and career progression routes into senior management and leadership roles where it is possible to earn up to £105,000, teaching is a career with high earning potential.

There is a vital need to create a diverse teaching staff in order to provide children with an educated and varied approach to academia and moral and ethical development. BME teachers have the background knowledge that will help provide exactly that; a diverse teaching approach. You will become essential role models to BME students; helping to motivate and inspire.
A career in teaching is arguably one of the most rewarding jobs you can ever do. We need BME teachers to break social boundaries and to connect the varying beliefs and Communities. Evidence suggests that a lack of understanding is one of the main causes of racism. By becoming more influential and inevitably changing any misconceptions, will inevitably provide a valuable insight into various cultures, therefore curbing racism.

No one is more qualified to talk about religion and culture than you.

Home Region Interview Scheme

Through the Home Region Interview Scheme we are providing an opportunity for BME applicants to be interviewed for our Initial Teacher Training courses in Bristol, reducing the financial burden of a repeat visit to Plymouth for interview and removing geographical constraints to enable choice.

Your application must be submitted to UCAS by 15 January 2014.

Placement Promise

Applicants are required to obtain 10 days school based experience before applying for a teacher training programme.
The University of Plymouth will arrange all of their successful BME students a 10 day placement in the Bristol area.