Urological cancer research

Based at the Faculty of Health and Plymouth Hospitals NHS Trust, but working with clinical colleagues and patients across the UK and internationally, our major areas of interest are:

  • management of urological cancers
  • early drug development and translational medicine
  • clinical trials – set-up and running of large numbers of clinical trials, from early phase to late phase studies
  • providing early access to novel drugs for patients.

Examples of key studies include: 

Organ preservation in bladder cancer

Our research in this area moved all the way from

This study has now changed the standard of care for patients with muscle invasive bladder cancer opting for organ preservation treatment.

Split dose cisplatin in bladder cancer

Our work has extended the spectrum of patients receiving cisplatin based chemotherapy (Hussain et al BJC 2004).

Professor Syed Hussain

Professor of Oncology, Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry
Consultant in Medical Oncology, Plymouth Hospitals NHS Trust


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