Sustainability, society and health

This is a cross-faculty, multi-disciplinary group that explores issues and seeks solutions to the challenges that sustainability (climate change, fossil fuel and food security) presents to society and health. We view our colleagues and students as agents of change, and drawing on our diverse experiences and disciplines we approach these challenges through research, education, information and action. Some of this work has been supported through fellowships with the Centre for Sustainable Futures and links with the Plymouth Institute of Health and Care Research and the Sustainable Earth Institute.

Embedding sustainability into the curriculum and raising sustainability consciousness within the student population is crucial as the challenges we face impact on all aspects of health promotion/healthcare delivery. Our European funded NurSusTOOLKIT project will contribute to the availability of a sound learning offer in Sustainability Literacy and Competency in nurse education by developing innovative teaching and learning approaches and materials. We have developed an evidence-based Health Environment and Resources Toolkit (HEaRT) designed to raise awareness and support decision-making about the possible threats to supply of key items used in healthcare due to scarce natural resources, geopolitical issues and the impact of climate change.

Our work with external organisations is focused on actions that help to build sustainable communities, promoting outdoor space for sustainability and exploring sustainability, society and wellbeing. Much of our research focuses on reengineering services to support the sustainable use of health and social care resources.

Many of our initiatives involve health informatics as a sustainable method of healthcare delivery and supporting teaching and learning.

The output of our work can be found in a range of publications and reports. Details of grants and associated projects are also provided.

Our researchers