What makes a good KTP application?

What makes a good KTP application?

KTP applications are judged nationally every few months with the highest scoring projects securing a grant from Innovate UK. Successful KTP applications will be able to describe the reasons why a partnership is needed and the predicted benefits to all parties [University, Company and the KTP Associate to be appointed]. KTPs are to support innovation within business and facilitate a step change that transforms the business – they are not for business survival/catch up projects.

KTP project criteria

  • Strategic relevance to the business
  • Demonstrably innovative
  • Sound business case, delivering high impact / wealth creation
  • Clear need for the knowledge base input 
  • Stimulating and challenging for the academic team
  • Intellectually challenging for Associate
  • The outcomes/benefits would not occur without the KTP
  • Clear knowledge transfer (not consultancy or contract research)
  • The project must not replace the use of independent consultants
  • The project must not replace solutions that can be obtained off the shelf
  • The potential benefits will be likely to accrue

Scoring criteria [for each party]

  • Impact [mainly turnover/profit for the business]
  • Innovation [technical innovation and/or market innovation]
  • Challenge [how much of a stretch for the academic team]
  • Cohesiveness [believable, logical and transformational]

Innovate UK sector focus

Innovate UK has aligned innovation support programmes into four key sector groups plus an ‘open’ approach. These are:

  • Emerging and Enabling Technologies [new products, processes and services of tomorrow]
  • Health and Life Sciences [agriculture and food, healthcare, energy and chemicals and materials]
  • Infrastructure Systems [from energy and transport to health and the digital economy]
  • Manufacturing and Materials [the development, validation and application of cross-cutting manufacturing and materials technologies and processes to drive productivity and growth]
  • Open [accessible to all businesses undertaking innovation, irrespective of the technology or sector in which they are working]
The nature of the knowledge transferred and the project outcomes determines with which sector a project aligns. More information can be found on the Innovate UK website