Archive: Public Research Programme


Research Festival 2019

21-25 January

Returning for the second year, the week welcomed over 1000 participants for a variety of events that addressed questions like:

  • Can we change the world one person at a time?
  • What does a suitcase full of eels have to do with sustainability?
  • How do we create and maintain healthy landscapes? 
Top keynotes included speakers from National Geographic, Innovate UK, CBI, Eden Project, Environment Agency and more.


Research Festival 2018

22-26 January

The first Research Festival explored a variety of topics from community engagement to antibiotic resistance, social media and politics to heritage, finishing with a day dedicated to addressing the opportunities presented by the Industrial Strategy.

Inaugural Professorial Lectures 2018


  • Professor of Building Performance Analysis, Pieter De Wilde
  • Professor of Modern Literature, Angela Smith
  • Professor of Medical Education, Hilary Neve
  • Professor of Geology, Mark Anderson
  • Professor of Primary Care, Richard Byng

2017 and earlier

Inaugural Professorial Lectures 2017


  • Professor of Aquatic Biology, Simon Rundle
  • Professor of Composites Engineering, John Summerscales
  • Professor of Human Geography, Richard Yarwood
  • Professor of Geospatial Information, Ralph Fyfe
  • Professor of Geomorphology, Anne Mather
  • Professor of Education, Garry Hornby
  • Professor of Animal Behaviour, Mark Briffa

Inaugural Professorial Lectures 2014/15/16


  • Professor of Aquatic Biology, Dave Bilton
  • Professor of Catchment Science, Will Blake
  • Professor of Environmental Politics, Ian Bailey
  • Professor of Environment and Health Sciences, Tom Hutchinson
  • Professor of Cyber Security and Digital Forensics, Nathan Clarke
  • Professor of Entrepreneurship, Gideon Maas