Psychology Research Collaborators

The School of Psychology has close links with many local and national organisations who help us recruit volunteers to take part in our research. We are very grateful to these organisations, and to all of our volunteers, who make our research possible. You can find out more about some of them here. 

If you would like to collaborate with us as an individual you can join our pool of psychology participants.

Anxiety Social Net is an online network through which individuals can help one another and themselves by keeping a motivational diary, sharing experiences on forums, and keeping up to date with blogs by other members and therapists. Anxiety Social Net hopes to create a community in which individuals can feel safe and comfortable in sharing not only their thoughts, struggles, and afflictions, but also their success stories, advice and recommendations

Psychforums is one of the largest online support forums for Psychology and Mental Health, with over 175,000 members. Created in 2002, the forums span around 200 different topics and allow members to share their experiences of general health, mental health, and therapy. Find out more information about recruiting research participants from Psychforums