Research in the School of Psychology

Research and research training has a high priority in the school.  

Our excellence has been recognised through the Research Excellence Framework, in which 83 per cent of school activity was judged to be of world leading or internationally excellent standard, placing us within the top 20 psychology, neuroscience and psychiatry schools across the country.

We have a thriving PhD community, with around 80 doctoral students, purpose-built research facilities.

Please take a look at our School of Psychology staff publications for 2017, with links to the online versions and staff pages. You can also access the full list of 78 papers accepted or published in 2016, additionally, listings of 84 papers from 2015 and over 100 papers from 2014 are also available. 

Papers published recently

Alotaibi, A., Underwood, G., & Smith, A. D. (2017). Cultural differences in attention: Eye movement evidence from a comparative visual search task. Consciousness and Cognition, 55, 254–265.

Francis, K. B., Terbeck, S., Briazu, R. A., Haines, A., Gummerum, M., Ganis, G., & Howard, I. S. (2017). Simulating Moral Actions: An Investigation of Personal Force in Virtual Moral Dilemmas. Scientific Reports, 7(1).

Seabrooke, T., Le Pelley, M. E., Hogarth, L., & Mitchell, C. J. (2017). Evidence of a goal-directed process in human pavlovian-instrumental transfer. Journal of Experimental Psychology: Animal Learning and Cognition, 43(4), 377–387.

Wimmer, M. C., Stirk, S., & Hancock, P. J. B. (2017). Ego depletion in visual perception: Ego-depleted viewers experience less ambiguous figure reversal. Psychonomic Bulletin and Review, 24(5), 1620–1626.

Online psychology research

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Research seminars in the School

A wide range of exciting speakers from all over the world.

4pm every term-time Wednesday in Link 3rd floor seminar room.

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