Community and Primary Care: COVID-19 research

The COVID-19 crisis has produced opportunities for new relationships and new research, please select the COVID-19 research projects below for more information on our current related projects that we have received funding for. Our group has been working in Plymouth, initially supporting the development of the acute COVID-19 general practice hub and producing a discussion paper on how best to operate such hubs. We are now working with older people with acute COVID-19 illness and their ongoing care in the community. Much of this has been working alongside practitioners, utilising our research understanding and their practical knowledge to think about how complex systems need to be reorganised.

We are excited that this COVID-19 work has resulted in three potential areas of research:

  • Creating an understanding about how advanced care planning should be done and how the results of such difficult conversations can appropriately affect decisions at the time of acute illness.
  • Part of a collaboration led by the University of Oxford to study and understand the dramatic shift from face-to-face to remote consulting by email, telephone or video. This ESRC COVID-19 funding is starting immediately.
  • Engaging with colleagues in the South West Integrated Personalised Care Partnership and AHSN in a research project, funded through bringing together individuals’ time (not a bid for additional funding), examining and questioning the situation in care homes, support provided from outside, and how those living and working in care homes can shape their future. 

All of this work has been exciting to progress and we wish to continue to build links with others across our faculty and beyond 

If you are interested in collaborating, discussing a research idea, are currently involved in any related research or have any questions then please email us at