Analysing sentiment expressed on Social Media by political audiences

What is Big Data Analysis? How do we use it and of what benefit is it with regard to analysing sentiment?

This event provided an intriguing insight into Big Data through interactive talks and demonstrations, including our work on the retrieval and analysis of microblogging posts in real-time. Our reactions on social media, captured through Big Data, to Brexit, the UK General Election, the US elections and Trump’s rise to power, provided some fascinating evaluation.

Research carried out by the Big Data group at the University of Plymouth was also showcased through a poster session. 

This gave you the opportunity to explore the wide variety of applications, crossing many disciplines that perhaps haven’t traditionally considered its benefits before.

Join the conversation on social media with #Plymresfest.

  • Devonport Lecture Theatre, Portland Square Building

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The Big Data research group's aim is to contribute to the Big Data technological revolution by using it to address present and future societal and economic challenges.  

Our principle aim is to develop novel research methodology in BIG DATA to solve problems of international importance in biomedicine, business, engineering, environmental monitoring, epidemiology, finance, medical imaging, multimedia, public health, social science and visualisation, taking full account of cyber security and ethics.

Our impact-focused research capitalises on the skills and expertise of group members and is built around a number of strategic themes:

  • Theoretical foundations
  • Statistics and data science
  • Imaging and multimedia
  • Data management
  • Data security and privacy
  • Infrastructure for big data.


  • 17:00: Introduction to Big Data, Big Data infrastructure, theoretical foundations and data science - Dr Giovanni Masala (Lecturer in Networks and Cloud Computing) and Dr Luciana  Dalla Valle (Lecturer in Statistics), School of Engineering, Computing and Mathematics
  • 18:00: Sentiment analysis on Twitter with examples, such as the UK General Election 2017. Discussion and interactive demo, Q&A - Dr Marco Palomino (Lecturer in Information Systems and Big Data) and Dr Giovanni Masala (Lecturer in Networks and Cloud Computing),  School of Engineering, Computing and Mathematics   
  • 19:00: Break
  • 19:15: Discussion on the analysis of the Brexit and US election with interactive simulations - Dr Luciana Dalla Valle (Lecturer in Statistics), School of Engineering, Computing and Mathematics 
  • 20:15: Further example of sentiment analysis on social media (e.g. Facebook)Dr Luciana Dalla Valle (Lecturer in Statistics), School of Engineering, Computing and Mathematics 
  • 20:45 Close.

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