Oral health and disease


Increasing evidence of the strong links between oral health and disease and a range of medical conditions, including heart disease, stroke, diabetes and rheumatoid arthritis, makes understanding the causes of and developing new approaches for the prevention, detection and treatment of oral disease of high importance in clinical medicine and public health as well as in dentistry.

Our oral health and disease research brings together laboratory scientists, health service researchers and practitioners enabled by a strong collaborative, interdisciplinary approach, to drive translational research into:

oral cancer; periodontitis detection and treatment; oral anaesthetics; salivary gland disease; oral tissue engineering; bone replacement; improved delivery of dental health services and; addressing oral health inequality. 

Delivery of our research and work with external partners is facilitated by our:

Our research

Oral health services research (Professor Liz KayDr Mona Nasser) – public oral health, clinical practice, dental education and oral health inequality research including systematic reviews, research priority setting methodology, clinical decision making in dental environment and evidence based dentistry.

Oral cancer (Professor Bing Hu) – mechanisms of tumour development, prevention and treatment, stem cells. 

3D tissue engineering and biocompatibility (Dr Vehid Salih) – development of functional replacement tissues and in vitro models for craniofacial tissue disease research, including oral mucosa and oral cancer.

Oral microbiome research (Dr Louise Belfield, Dr Zoe Brookes) – investigating the mechanisms by which oral microbes regulate health and disease. 

Dental nanomaterials (Professor Chris Tredwin) – development of novel bone grafting materials, restorative dentistry

Endotoxin and immunity (Professor Simon Jackson) – human health effects of endotoxins and pollutants, inflammatory response to bacterial molecules, and sepsis.

Macrophages (Dr Andrew Foey) – pathogen tolerance, immunity and oral inflammatory disease.


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For more information about our oral health and disease research please contact the research leads indicated for specific areas of interest.

General enquiries: psmdresearch@plymouth.ac.uk

IP, tech transfer and commercial enquiries: Dr Tom Nicholson (Research & Innovation Business Partner) or Dr David Mozley (IP Specialist Adviser)

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