Message: research opportunities

Message is currently inviting PhD applications within the following areas:

  • Visual communication – animation, drawing, illustration, graphic design, publishing and typography
  • History and contexts
  • Interdisciplinary practice
  • Traditional, contemporary and emerging media/technologies
  • Authorship, message, audience, markets and narrative
  • Narrative, editorial, identity and brand, information envisionment
  • Communication design for social and behavioural change
  • Ethics and sustainability
  • Communication design and curatorial practice
  • Archives and Community
  • The functions of illustration
  • The elucidation of meaning in children’s publishing through illustration
  • Web design as a form of graphic communication from critical, historical or aesthetic perspectives
  • Web typography and it’s implications – such as web/open fonts, typography in the age of content management, responsive web design, accessibility
  • The impact of digital interactivity on engagement with visual narrative
  • Visual communication, spirituality and contemplation
  • Pedagogy.

Arts, humanities and business postgraduate research degrees

As a research degree student within the Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Business, you will become part of a scholarly community that proudly includes a wide range of approaches and disciplines.