Working with us

We host and support a large variety of PhD, BSc and MSc projects, often in collaboration with other research groups in the University or external partner organisations, as well as providing opportunities for internships at the group

BSc and MSc projects

MarCoPol is proud of its success in linking research and teaching activities. Many of our students publish their theses in peer-reviewed journals. This is an activity that we encourage and facilitate in our supervision of student projects. 

We are involved in teaching on undergraduate and postgraduate taught courses and are interested in supervising student projects in any area of marine and coastal policy research. Please get in touch for more information. 

​PhDs and MPhils 

We are interested to hear from PhD and MPhil candidates with proposals that are complementary to the main research themes of the Centre. We have a strong team of supervisors who are experienced in supporting PhDs within the marine policy arena and multidisciplinary topics in collaboration with specialists in other subject areas.


We can offer internships of 3-6 months to individuals seeking experience in marine and coastal policy research. Internships can be connected to specific projects or contribute to a suite of projects as need arises. Within an internship, there may be opportunities to peruse personal research interests that align with the main research themes of the Centre.

Project partners

We have extensive experience in developing, leading, and working as partners in collaborative research projects of all scales. The Centre has been involved in successful projects funded by the European Union (FP7, INTERREG), Defra, British Academy, NERC, and Crown Estate, amongst others.
We are interested in discussing involvement in projects that are complementary to the main research themes within the Centre.

Commercial collaborations

Members of the Unit are very experienced in bidding for and undertaking contract research in all of the main research themes of the Unit, both as a sole contractor and in collaboration with partners. We have undertaken contract research for Defra, Natural England, JNCC, Wildlife Trusts, WWF Cymru, Crown Estate, local authorities, IFCAs, Harbour Authorities, fisheries bodies, and coastal partnerships.
We would be interested to discuss future opportunities with potential clients and partners.

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