Marine and Coastal Policy Research Unit - people

Core contributors

Current PhD and MPhil students

Past MarCoPol PhD students

  • Iman Abdel Hamid - Second generation chromo stereoscopic visualisation in the marine environment
  • Alfred Alademomi - Morphological changes and hydrodynamics of the Lagos Lagoon
  • Mathew Ashley - The effects of implementing no take marine protected areas around offshore wind farm
  • Karen Bowler - The Irish Sea: a socio-ecological system
  • Danielle Bridger - Ecosystem effects of an open ocean mussel farm
  • Matthew Bunce - Avoiding collapse: resilience and sustainable development in vulnerable small islands
  • Matthew Camilleri - Fisheries management in the Central Mediterranean
  • Maria Campbell - Behaviour of fishers to closures in the shelf seas and deep-sea
  • Ross Compton - Policy and reducing harm to cetaceans from offshore exploration activities
  • Samantha Cox - Physical drivers of predator foraging in the marine environment
  • Jiska de Groot - Social and economic implications of marine renewable developments in peripheral island states
  • Andreina Fenech Farrugia - Tuna fisheries in the Mediterranean
  • Laura Friedrich - The ecosystem services approach and stakeholder engagement in marine management and planning
  • Sarah Gall - Fisheries and conservation management
  • A. Gallacher - Sustainability in the coastal zone
  • Emily Hugues-dit-Ciles - Sustainable development in surf tourism
  • Khwam Hussein - Microbial Source Tracking of Human Pathogenic Bacteria from Faecal Pollution of Bathing Water
  • Rebecca Jefferson - Articulating the Ecosystem Approach across Europe‚Äôs Seas: socio-ecological indicators for adaptive management

  • Claire Kelly - Partnerships in the development and management of marine nature-based tourism
  • Joe Lovell - Auditory conditioning of Dicentrarchus labrax and acoustic ranching of this species
  • Giada Magueri - Modelling the sustainability and ecosystem services of wildlife ecotourism in remote rural communities
  • Gerald Maier - Assessing the effectiveness of the implementation of nitrogen vulnerable zone action programme measures for estuarine Eutrophication
  • Charlotte Marshall - Predictive species modelling to support marine spatial planning
  • Abigail McQuatters-Gollop - Phytoplankton as indicators for eutrophication
  • Barnabas Morakinyo - Flaring and pollution detection in the Niger Delta using Remote Sensing
  • Frankie Peckett - Use of decision support methods in MPA and MSP design
  • Olusola Popoola - Management and sustainability of the Nigerian coastal zone
  • Sian Rees - Estimating the value of marine conservation in the UK
  • Emma Rendle - Environmental and Socio-economic Impacts of Artificial Surfing Reefs - The UK Experience
  • Kylie Scales - Ocean front metrics for improving understanding of the distribution of marine megafauna
  • Asha Singh - Sustainable development options for marine and coastal areas of Caribbean Small Island Developing States
  • Patrik Svensson - The effectiveness of privately managed MPAs in tropical coastal areas

Seascape of Whitsands Bay, Clouds in a blue sky.