Facilities and collaboration

Centre facilities

MBERC undertakes its research using observations and experiments in both the field and the laboratory. Our suite of environmentally-controlled laboratories allow us to undertake behavioural, developmental and physiological studies within precisely determined conditions, including temperature ranges from -10 to +30 and a range of natural light and chemical regimes.

We have a range of facilities for molecular ecological research including an automated sequencing and fragment analysis facility and the capability and equipment for the processing of field samples. We have unique, custom built facilities for automated time-lapse bio-imaging of aquatic embryos coupled with fine environmental control. We also have access to the University's Electron Microscopy Centre and to facilities within Chemistry, including spectrophotometers and flow analysers for trace metal and nutrient analysis. In addition, the University's boat provision and diving expertise enable sub-tidal investigations to be undertaken, and the Centre has its own Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) for carrying out seabed surveys.

Contract research

We have extensive taxonomic and ecological expertise covering all habitats, with a support infrastructure that enables us to undertake a wide range of contract research; consultancy enquiries are handled through University of Plymouth's Enterprise Solutions.