Public health

Our public health research

Our public health cross-cutting theme brings together researchers, clinicians, practitioners and expertise in the design and evaluation of complex interventions, epidemiological studies, service evaluation and systematic reviews to deliver improved health and social care for patient and public benefit

Facilitated by a strong collaborative approach this research focuses on answering complex questions, and societal and global health challenges, particularly health inequality, in the areas of primary care, mental health and wellbeing, oral health, lifestyle risk & health and integrated care

Central to this approach, our Community and Primary Care research group, part of NIHR PenARC, connects researchers, expertise and activity across the University of Plymouth’s Institute of Health and Care Research, to investigate and evaluate treatments and preventative approaches across the healthcare sector

Trials and well-designed studies in our focus areas are supported by our UKCRC registered Peninsula Clinical Trials Unit (PenCTU) and our Medical Statistics teams. Current PenCTU facilitated studies within the public health theme include:

Our research and expertise

The cross-cutting public health theme encompasses:

  • Respiratory health (Dr Rupert Jones) – chronic lung disease detection, care and social impact caused by exposure to particulate pollution, especially in the developing World.
  • Oral Health Service Research (Professor David Moles, Dr Mona Nasser) – oral health inequality, oral public health promotion, systematic reviews, research priority setting methodology, clinical decision making in dental environment, oral cancer and evidence based dentistry.
  • Obesity and diabetes (Professor Jon Pinkney) – origins of weight gain and obesity, impact on health, diabetes, development of effective prevention strategies and treatment interventions.

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For more information about our public health research please contact the research Leads indicated for specific areas of interest.

General enquiries:

IP, tech transfer and commercial enquiries: Dr Tom Nicholson (Research & Innovation Business Partner) or Dr David Mozley (IP Specialist Adviser)