ITSMed projects

An Integrated Platform for Developing Brain Cancer Diagnostic Techniques (AiPBAND)

AiPBAND is a four-year, €3.7 million, pan-European, Horizon 2020, Marie Curie Innovative Training Network led by researchers at the University of Plymouth, designed to train the next generation of researchers in the early diagnosis of brain tumours

Identify blood biomarkers; design multiplex biosensors; develop intelligent data management infrastructure; develop cloud-based diagnostic systems

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eHealth Productivity and Innovation in Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly (EPIC)

EPIC is a £2.7 million ERDF funded University led collaboration, involving doctors, nurses, care homes, patients, academics and SMEs in Cornwall/IoS to help find the best uses of the internet, apps, and robotics in health and social care

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Blood Biomarker-based Diagnostic tools for early-stage Alzheimer’s disease (BBDiag)

BBDiag is a pan-European, University of Plymouth led Horizon 2020 Marie Curie Innovative Training Network that will address the lack of specific, sensitive and minimally-invasive biomarkers and techniques to identify people with early stage Alzheimer's

Brings together leading academic and industrial experts from five major consortia across Europe

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Trial of physical Activity and Reduction of Smoking (TARS)

A national £1.8 million NIHR Health Technology Assessment funded study to assess the effectiveness of Health Trainer support to help smokers who want to reduce but not quit

The study will also estimate costs and predict long-term health and social care savings that the programme may produce

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Simvastatin as a neuroprotective treatment for moderate Parkinson's disease (PD STAT)

A nationwide clinical trial, funded by The JP Moulton Trust and The Cure Parkinson’s Trust, to investigate whether the cholesterol-lowering treatment Simvastatin has the potential to slow or halt the progression of Parkinson’s disease

Part of Linked Clinical Trials Programme, bringing drugs with proven safety records for treatment of other conditions into Parkinson's clinical trials

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A study looking at ibrutinib for older people with mantle cell lymphoma (ENRICH)

An international University of Plymouth led clinical trial funded by Cancer Research UK to investigate the use of a novel therapeutic treatment approach for mantle cell lymphoma

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Down’s syndrome screening Quality Assurance Support Service (DQASS)

Down’s syndrome screening statistical support service provided by the University of Plymouth's Medical Statistics team to Public Health England

Monitors and supports the quality and effectiveness of prenatal screening programme in England

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