Clinical neuroscience

Clinical neuroscience research

Our clinical neuroscience research theme brings together laboratory scientists, clinicians and practitioners to link our biomedical research with clinical, health and social care, and public health applications.

Enabled by a strong collaborative, interdisciplinary approach this research focuses on answering complex questions and societal challenges in the areas of neurodegenerative disease, mental health and brain health, damage and disease.

This research aims to deliver impact and patient / public benefit through:

  • Development of new therapies, interventions and technical innovations for dementia and other neurological disorders and;
  • Influencing policy on prevention, care, treatment and support.

Clinical neuroscience research forms part of our Clinician led medical research and Public health research and features the University of Plymouth's internationally renowned Brain Tumour Research Centre of Excellence.

Clinical trials and complex studies in these areas are supported by our UKCRC registered Peninsula Clinical Trials Unit (PenCTU)

Delivery of our research and work with external partners is facilitated by our:

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The clinical neuroscience theme encompasses:

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For more information about our Clinical Neuroscience research please contact the research Leads indicated for specific areas of interest.

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IP, tech transfer and commercial enquiries: Dr Tom Nicholson (Research & Innovation Business Partner) or Dr David Mozley (IP Specialist Adviser)