Workshop: Strategy and Policy Innovation in Supply Chain Management under Environmental Pressure
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    Tianjin, China

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This workshop has now taken place.

Under the researcher links scheme offered within the Newton Fund, the British Council and National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC) will be holding a workshop on the above theme in Tianjin, China on 27 – 29 October 2018.

The workshop is being coordinated by Professor Jingjing XU (University of Plymouth) and Professor Bo LI (Tianjin University), and will have contributions from other leading researchers.

We are now inviting Early Career Researchers (ECR) from the UK to apply to attend this workshop. ECRs are defined as researchers who are within ten years of receiving their PhD (or with equivalent research experience). All travel and accommodation expenses will be covered by the Newton Researcher Links programme. The application form should be returned to before the deadline of 12 August 2018.

The workshop

The rapid development of internet technology has seen supply chain participants invade each other's territory, e.g. suppliers invading retail channels through social networking platforms, and retailers competing with suppliers through developing their own brands. While this leads to the emergence of a large number of innovative consumption patterns it also brings more environmental problems.

Research and refinement of operations management and policy in different supply chain channels, through adopting different environmental protection and green innovation strategies, is a key challenge for businesses. This workshop will expand upon the National Natural Science Foundation Project “Research on coordination and decision of supply chains considering the members’ risk-averse behaviour under suppliers’ encroachment”. It will explore the problem of green operation management and help supply chain enterprises develop more effective environmental policies.

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The main themes and objectives

  • Understand the sources and characteristics of pollution and energy consumption in supply chain operations. Analyse the relationship between economic objectives, energy consumption targets and pollution control, and consider the effect and influence of the existing environmental policy on supply chains.
  • Review the implementation of advanced environmental strategies and policies in the supply chain, and the impact these have on enterprise decision-making. Analyse mechanisms to balance energy-saving and emission reduction with the need for an effective and responsive supply chain operation. Find innovative environmental solutions for businesses and provide advice and guidance on corporate environmental policy development.
  • Identify schemes which apply green innovation to supply chain operations, and tap the innovation direction of both government and enterprise environmental policies.
  • Improve the research skills and develop collaboration in the long-term between ECRs in China and the UK; helping them to research green operation management and enterprise innovation strategy within the supply chain.

The workshop will provide UK and China participants with a unique opportunity for sharing research expertise and networking. ECRs will have the opportunity to gain a better understanding of the latest developments and innovation directions via academic achievement sharing at the workshop, complemented by visits to advanced enterprises, and through presentations and discussions. They will also benefit from a greater understanding of the potentially complementary approaches of the UK and China. Expert experience and the sharing of research findings will further strengthen the ECRs’ research abilities. In addition, social platform and communication tools will provide a long-term online communication mechanism, for ECRs to help each other in the field.

Location and date

The workshop will be held in Tianjin, China on 27 – 29 October 2018. A submitted application form will be taken to indicate participant availability for these dates and their commitment to attend if selected. Please be advised that attendance for the full three-day workshop is mandatory.

Application and deadline

We are recruiting early career researchers based in the UK to apply to attend the workshop. The British Council, under the Newton Fund, will cover the costs related to the participation to the workshop, including: travel (both international and local), accommodation and meals.

Please note that costs for the visa, and travel insurance will be covered; however participants will be responsible for making all the necessary arrangements. The British Council accepts no responsibility for any problems which may occur when the participants are in-country.

Applicants need to fill the application form by 12 August 2018. UK applicants need to submit the application form to:

Eligibility criteria:

  • Applications must be submitted using the Researcher Links application form.
  • Participants must be early career researchers: these are defined as holding a PhD for less than ten years on the start date of the workshop.
  • Participants’ research areas will be related to strategy and policy innovation in green supply chain.
  • Participants must have a research or academic position at a higher education or research institutions in the UK at the time of the application.

Assessment of the application

  • Experience and relevance of the applicant’s research area to the workshop.
  • Motivation and contribution to the aims of the workshop.
  • Description of the expected impact through the participation in the workshop.
  • Ability to disseminate workshop’s outcomes.

Notification of results:

Applicants will be notified by email within one month after the application deadline.

Equal opportunities

Equal opportunities and diversity are at the heart of the British Council’s cultural relations ambitions. While recognising that some research fields are dominated by one particular gender, co-ordinators are encouraged to work towards an equal gender balance, promote diversity. They must not exclude applicants on the basis of ethnicity, gender, religious belief, sexual orientation, or disability. Participants’ selection undertaken by workshop organisers must not contravene this policy. Extra support to enable participation of Early Career Researchers with special needs will be given.


For general enquiries concerning this call, please email:


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