RESI seminar programme – autumn 2017
  • Room 204 Mast House

  • Room 204 Mast House

  • Room 204 Mast House

  • Room 204 Mast House

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13 October 2017 || 10:00-12:00 || Submitting Research Grant Applications: MH 204

Research and Innovation Specialist Advisors Susan Eick and Ewa Thompson will guide us through the process of writing and submitting a research grant application at UoP, R&I’s support in this process, and the available resources at the University. This workshop will be really useful in helping us to focus on planning for submitting research grant applications in this academic year. To register for this event please email

6 November 2017 || 14:00-15:30 || A Discussion of a Selection of Entrepreneurship Journal Articles: MH 204  

Please read one (or more!) of the following articles and come along ready to discuss its contribution to ‘responsible entrepreneurship’ and your own research ……..

1.     Miller, D. and Le Breton-Miller, I. (2017), Underdog Entrepreneurs: A Model of Challenge-Based Entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice, 41: 7–17. doi:10.1111/etap.12253 

2.     Welter, F., Baker, T., Audretsch, D. B. and Gartner, W. B. (2017), Everyday Entrepreneurship—A Call for Entrepreneurship Research to Embrace Entrepreneurial Diversity. Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice, 41: 311–321. doi:10.1111/etap.12258

3.     Williams, C. C., Martinez-Perez, A. and Kedir, A. M. (2017), Informal Entrepreneurship in Developing Economies: The Impacts of Starting Up Unregistered on Firm Performance. Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice, 41: 773–799. doi:10.1111/etap.12238

To register for this event please email


8 November 2017 || 13:00-17:00 || Brexit: Meeting the Challenge in the South West

ESRC Festival of Social Science 2017

Dr Andreas Walmsley will be contributing to this event and discussing the impact of Brexit on the tourism and hospitality sectors. For more details about this event, and to register your attendance, please visit


8 November 2017 || 14:00-15:30 || Borders, prosperity and entrepreneurial responses: MH 204

The Gender and Enterprise Network (Institute for Small Business and Entrepreneurship Special Interest Group) co-chaired by Dr Haya Al-Dajani will host an international webinar during ISBE 2017. This webinar aims to conquer some of the political borders that separate the international entrepreneurship community by bringing us together to share and discuss the potential of entrepreneurship in conquering borders through virtual and physical presence. RESI will host a ‘webinar party’ at Futures to link in with this webinar. 

For more details about this event, please visit:

To register for this event please email


10 November 2017 || 10:00-14:00 || Digital Rights. Safety at the expense of privacy? ESRC Festival of Social Science 2017

Elena Novakova is a Student Engagement Assistant at Futures Enterprise Centre at Plymouth. Elena works with secondary pupils in the South West on enriching business curricular, raising pupils’ aspirations for further academic studies and creating opportunities and competitions to enhance their interest in current business issues and entrepreneurship. For more details about this event, and to register your attendance, please visit 

10 November 2017 || 09:30-15:30 || Enterprising Together - ESRC Festival of Social Science 2017

The workshop aims to create the space and opportunity for members of Plymouth’s deprived communities, including refugees and asylum seekers to come together with students and staff from Plymouth University as well as local business owners, and other members of the general public, to collectively brainstorm, design and ignite team-led responsible enterprises that aim to foster community empowerment. For more details about this event, and to register your attendance, please visit

12 December 2018 || 14:30-16:00 || Speaking of Genocide: Lithuanian ‘Occupation’ Museums and Foucault’s Discursive Formation: MH 204

Dr Craig Wight is a Lecturer in Hospitality and Tourism, and Programme Leader for the undergraduate Hospitality Management programmes at the University’s School of Tourism and Hospitality. Wight will discuss an alternative conceptual perspective for carrying out research into “dark tourism” by presenting a discourse analysis of Lithuanian occupation-themed museums using Foucault’s concept of ‘discursive formation’ from ‘Archaeology of Knowledge’. Tourism visits to sites associated to varying degrees with death and dying have for some time inspired academic debate and research into what has come to be popularly described as ‘dark tourism’. It is hoped that his study will motivate others to follow a discourse-analytical approach to research in order to further understand the critical role of museums in public culture when it comes to shaping knowledge about ‘inconvenient’ pasts. To register for this event please email

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