Maritime and Logistics, Business and Policy research focus

The nature of the MLBP research group focus lends itself to interdisciplinary work with other areas of research expertise within Plymouth University e.g. maritime and environmental law; sustainable logistics and financial law; economics of sustainable transport; spatial implications of globalisation; environmental implications of logistics, shipping and ports; sustainability implications of globalisation; sustainable energy.

Research-led and informed teaching

Research and teaching is intrinsically linked and, as a result, MLBP is fully committed to ensuring that research undertaken by group members is fed directly into the teaching process.

This can be either research-led teaching which aims to disseminate understanding of the findings of cutting-edge research undertaken by MLBP members, or research-informed teaching which offers students the opportunity to learn how to undertake research within their discipline. 

This research-based teaching encourages students to be enquirers, to strengthen their knowledge and researcher skills through activities such as case studies and fieldwork. By developing their understanding of methodologies and processes, opportunities can arise to actively contribute to ‘live’ research projects, particularly students of taught postgraduate masters programmes.

Recent projects have included presenting students with opportunities to engage with visiting industrialists and experts, to undertake field visits, and to work with industrial databases such as Clarkson’s Shipping Information Network.

In addition, all lecturers are encouraged to engage in pedagogic research in order to improve their teaching skills. As a result, a range of useful publications and opportunities to share good practice have been generated.