Markets, Innovation and Competition Group working papers

Markets, Innovation and Competition working papers

The working papers below have been written by members of the iSPER Markets, Innovation and Competition (MIC) Themed Research Group and constitute the first step in an ongoing series of papers relating to the key research interests of MIC members. As demonstrated by the selection below the papers will cover a diverse range of specific subject areas cutting across accounting, business, economics and finance. The first batch of MIC Working Papers consist of the following: Endogenous Persuasion with Rational Verification (by Mike Felgenhauer); Ownership Structure, Control and Dividend Pay-outs: Evidence from PRC Listed Companies (by Ping Wang and Peijie Wang); Gender Equality and Fertility: Evidence from Italian Provinces (by Alberto Basso); and The Role of Mobility in Tax and Subsidy Competition (by Alexander Haupt and Tim Krieger).