Markets, Innovation and Competition Group publications

Below is a selection of publications by members  of the iSPER Markets, Innovation and Competition (MIC) Research Group organised by year of publication. These publications reflect not only the high quality and diversity of our research but also the commitment of our staff and our enthusiasm to collaborate with academics in other institutions. For further information about these publications either contact the author or email Dr Alberto Basso

2019 publications

Boshkoska, B.M., Liu, S., Zhao, G., Chen, H., Fernandez, A., Gamboa, S., del Pino, M., Zarate, P., and Hernandez, J. (2019). A Decision support system for evaluation of the knowledge sharing crossing boundaries in agri-food value chains. Computers in Industry 110: 64-80. DOI

Felgenhauer, M. and Xu, F. (2019) “State of the Debate Contingent Arguments”, Economics Letters, Vol. 179 (June), pp. 46-48. DOI

Kumar Sharma, Y., Mangla, S., Patil, P., and Liu, S. (2019). When challenges impede the process: for circular economy driven sustainability practices in food supply chain. Management Decision 57 (4): 995-1017. DOI

Litsios, I. and Pilbeam, K. (2019). The Role of National Debts in the Determination of the Yen-Dollar Exchange Rate. Economic Inquiry 57(2): 1182-1195. DOI

Nawaz, T. and Virk, N. (2019). Religious entrenchment and agency costs. Economics Letters 179: 83-86. DOI

Raymond, A., Litsios, I., and Baimbridge, M. (2019). Real Exchange Rate and Asymmetric Shocks in the West African Monetary Zone (WAMZ). Journal of International Financial Markets, Institutions and Money 59: 232-249. DOI

Wang, P. J. and Li, F. (2019). China's Organization and Governance of Innovation – A policy foresight perspective. Technological Forecasting & Social Change 146: 304-319. DOI

Zhao, G., Liu, S., Lopez, C., Lu, H., Elgueta, S., Boshkoska, B.M., and Chen, H. (2019). Blockchain technology in agri-food value chain management: A synthesis of applications, challenges and future research directions. Computers in Industry 109: 83-99. DOI

2018 publications

Abdelbary, I. and Benhin, J. (2018). Governance, Capital and Economic Growth in the Arab Region. The Quarterly Review of Economics and Finance. DOI

Ahmed, A.A. and Naguib, R.I. (2018). DCCs among Sector Indexes and Dynamic Causality between Foreign Exchange and Equity Sector Volatility: Evidence from Egypt. Applied Economics and Finance 5(1): 14-28.

Annansingh, F., Howell, K., Liu, S., and Nunes, J.M. (2018). Academics’ Perceptions of Knowledge Sharing In Higher Education. International Journal of Educational Management (In press).

Boshkoska, B.M., Liu, S. and Chen, H. (2018). Towards a knowledge management framework for crossing boundaries in agricultural value chain. Journal of Decision Systems 27: 88-97. DOI

Elwerfelli, A. and Benhin, J. (Forthcoming). Is Dutch disease ample evidence of a resource curse? The case of Libya (Forthcoming). Ghanaian Journal of Economics

Elwerfelli, A. and Benhin, J. (2018). Oil a blessing or curse: A comparative assessment of Nigeria, Norway and the United Arab Emirates. Theoretical Economics Letters 8: 1136-1160. DOI

Jayawickrama, U., Liu, S., Hudson Smith, M., Akhtar, P. and Bashir, MDMA (2018). Knowledge retention in ERP implementations: the context of UK SMEs. Production Planning and Control (In press).

Nawaz, T. (2018). Conventional vs. Islamic banks in dual-banking systems: business model, investment strategies and economic performance. International Journal of Business Governance and Ethics 12(4): 330-348.

Nawaz, T. (2018). Determinants and Consequences of Disruptive Innovations: Evidence from the UK Financial Services Sector. Journal of Accounting and Management Information Systems 17(2): 234-251.

Nawaz, T. (forthcoming). Intellectual capital profiles and financial performance of Islamic banks in the UK. International Journal of Learning and Intellectual Capital.

Nawaz, T. (2018). Internationalisation strategy, faculty response and academic preparedness for transnational teaching: the significance of pre-departure training. Education + Training. DOI.

Nawaz, T. (2018). Lifting the Lid on Financial Inclusion: Evidence from Emerging Economies. International Journal of Financial Studies 6(2): 1-8.

Nawaz, T. (2018). The Subtle Art of Internationalisation of Higher Education. International Journal of Higher Education and Research 8 (1): 153-163.

Nawaz, T. (forthcoming). The pedagogy of good PhD supervision. International Journal of Higher Education and Sustainability.

Oyemomi, O., Liu, S., Neaga, I., Chen, H. and Nakpodia, F. (2018). How cultural impact on knowledge sharing contributes to organisational performance: using the fsQCA approach. Journal of Business Research. DOI

Paul, S., Guermat, C., and Devi, S. (2018). Why do firms invest in accounts receivable? An empirical investigation of the Malaysian manufacturing sector. Journal of Accounting in Emerging Economies 8(2): 166-184. DOI

Wang, P.J. (2018). The Economics of Foreign Exchange and Global Finance 3rd edition, Springer (forthcoming). 

Wang, P.J. and Liu, Z.Y. (2018). A Triangular PPP Hypothesis. The World Economy (forthcoming). DOI

Wang, X., Liu, S., Xu, J., and Roe, M. (2018). A Holistic Sustainability Framework for Oil Terminals: The Case of China. Int. J. of Shipping and Transport Logistics (In press).

Wang, Z. and Liu, S. (2018). Supply chain co-ordination under trade credit and quantity discount with sales effort effects. Mathematical Problems in Engineering. Volume 2018, Article ID 2190239, 15 pages. DOI.

2017 publications

Badr, O.M., El-Masry, A.A. and Ahmed, K.I.S. (2017). The extent to which Islamic banking transactions are compatible with the rules of Islamic economics. Journal of King Abdulaziz University, Islamic Economics 30 (3): 167-184.

Bishop, P. and Shilcof, D. (2017). The spatial dynamics of new firm births during an economic crisis: the case of Great Britain, 2004–2012. Entrepreneurship & Regional Development 29: 215-237. DOI

Butt, H. A. and Virk, N. S. (2017). Momentum profits and time varying illiquidity effect. Finance Research Letters 20: 253-259. DOI

Chen, H., Liu, S. and Oderanti, F. (2017). A knowledge network and mobilisation framework for lean supply chain decisions in agri-food industry. International Journal of Decision Support System Technology 9(4): 37-48.

ElGhouty, A. and El-Masry, A.A. (2017). Effect of Ownership Structure on Firm Stock Return Performance: Evidence from the Egyptian Stock Market. International Research Journal of Finance and Economics 160: 63-83.

Felgenhauer, M. and Loerke, P. (2017). Bayesian persuasion with private experimentation. International Economic Review 58(3): 829-856. DOI

Felgenhauer, M. and Schulte, E. (2017). Preselection and expert advice. International Journal of Game Theory 46(3): 693-714. DOI

Haupt, A. (2017). International Tax Competition and Corporate Taxation in the Wake of Brexit. iSPER Brexit Series Paper VIII.

Jayawickrama, U., Liu, S. and Smith, M.H. (2017). Knowledge prioritisation for ERP implementation success: perspectives of clients and implementation partners in UK industries. Industrial Management and Data Systems 117(7): 1521-1546. DOI

Kyaw, K., Olugbode, M. and Petracci, B. (2017). Can Board Gender Diversity Promote Corporate Social Performance? Corporate Governance. DOI

Kyaw, K., Olugbode, M. and Petracci, B. (2017). The Role of the Institutional Framework in the Relationship between Earnings Management and Corporate Social Performance. Corporate Social Responsibility and Environmental Management. DOI

Li, F., Butel, L. and Wang, P.J. (2017). Innovation Policy Configuration - A comparative study of Russia and China. Policy Studies 38(4): 311-338. DOI

Liu, S., Delibasic, B., Butel, L. and Han, X. (2017). Sustainable knowledge-based DSS: perspectives, new challenges and recent advantages. Industrial Management and Data Systems 177(7): 1318-1322. DOI.

Maghyereh, A., Awartani, B. and Tziogkidis, P. (2017). Volatility spillovers and cross-hedging between gold, oil and equities: Evidence from the Gulf Cooperation Council countries. Energy Economics 68: 440-453. DOI.

Nawaz, T. (2017). Exploring the Nexus between Human Capital, Corporate Governance and Performance: Evidence from Islamic Banks. Journal of Business Ethics. DOI

Nawaz, T. (2017). Momentum Investment Strategies, Corporate Governance, and Firm Performance: An Analysis of Islamic Banks. Corporate Governance 17(2): 192-211. DOI

Nawaz, T. (2017). Determinants of Sustainable Growth: A Comparative Analysis of Conventional and Islamic Banks. Corporate Ownership & Control 14(1): 403-414. 

Nawaz, T. (2017). Intellectual capital, financial crisis and performance of Islamic
banks: Does Shariah governance matter? International Journal of Business and Society 18(1): 211-226. 

Nawaz, T. (2017). Sustainable academic development: an integrative approach to internationalisation and career headway in the higher education. International Journal of Higher Education and Sustainability 1(4): 304-316.

Nawaz, T. (2017). Human capital development in socio-economic malaise: evidence from the UK. International Journal of Learning and Intellectual Capital 14(1): 24-46. DOI

Nawaz, T. (2017). Islamic Banking: An Ultimate Source of Financial Inclusion. International Journal of Social, Behavioral, Educational, Economic, Business and Industrial Engineering 11(8): 2047-2050. DOI

Nawaz, T. and Haniffa, R. (2017). Determinants of financial performance of Islamic banks: An intellectual capital perspective. Journal of Islamic Accounting and Business Research 8(2): 130-142. DOI

Wang, P.J. (2017). A Dynamic IS-LM-X Model of Exchange Rate Adjustments and Movements. International Economics 149: 74 -86. DOI

Wang, P.J. (2017). The Economics of Foreign Exchange and Global Finance. 3rd edition, Springer (forthcoming).

Wang, P.J. (2017). Revolutionary Committees in the Cultural Revolution Era - Exploring a Mode of Governance in Historical and Future Perspectives. Palgrave, ISBN: 978-3-319-57203-1 (HB)/ ISBN: 978-3-319-57204-8 (eBook).

2016 publications

Basso, A. and Cuberes, D. (2016). Deep-rooted determinants of the fertility transition across countries. Macroeconomic Dynamics. DOI

Bishop, P. (2016). Spatial variations in personal insolvency choices: the role of stigma and social capital. Urban Studies. DOI

Buchholz, W., Haupt, A. and Peters, W. (2016). Equity as a Prerequisite for Stability of Cooperation on Global Public Good Provision. Environmental and Resource Economics 65(1): 61-78. DOI

Buchholz, W., Haupt, A. and Peters, W. (2016). Erratum to: Equity as a Prerequisite for Stability of Cooperation on Global Public Good Provision. Environmental and Resource Economics 65 (1): 79. DOI

El-Masry, A. A. and El-Mousallamy, D. (2016). A comparative study of the performance of Saudi mutual funds. Corporate Ownership and Control Journal 13(4): 89-101.

El-Masry, A. A. (2016). Capital structure and performance of Middle East and North Africa (MENA) banks: an assessment of credit rating. Journal of Banks and Bank Systems 11(1): 88-102.

El-Masry, A. A., Abdelfattah, T. and Elbahar, E. (2016). Corporate governance and risk management in GCC Banks. Corporate Ownership and Control Journal 13(3):8-16.

El-Masry, A.A. and Agag, G. (2016). Cultural and religiosity drivers and satisfaction outcomes of consumer perceived deception in online shopping. Internet Research 26(4): 942-962. DOI

El-Masry, A. A. and Agag, G. (2016). Development and Validation of an Instrument to Measure Online Retailing Ethics: Consumer's perspective. Internet Research 26(5): 1158-1180. DOI

El-Masry, A. A., Tortosa-Ausina, E., Matallín-Sáez, J.C. and de Mingo-López, D.V. (2016). Environmental Conditions, Fund Characteristics, and Islamic Orientation: An Analysis of Mutual Fund Performance for the MENA Region. Journal of Economic Behavior & Organisation 132:174-197. DOI

El-Masry, A. A. and Mostafa, M. (2016). Oil price forecasting using gene expression programming and artificial neural networks. Economic Modelling 54: 40-53. DOI

El-Masry, A. A. and Agag, G. (2016). Understanding consumer intention to participate in online travel community and effects on consumer intention to purchase travel online and WOM: an integration of innovation diffusion theory and TAM with trust. Computers in Human Behavior 60: 97-111.DOI

El-Masry, A. A. and Agag, G. (2016). Understanding the determinants of hotel booking intentions and moderating role of habit. International Journal of Hospitality Management 54: 52-67. DOI

El-Masry, A. A. and Agag, G. (2016). Why do consumers trust online travel websites? Drivers and outcomes of consumer trust towards online travel websites. Journal of Travel Research 1-23. DOI

Haupt, A. and Krieger, T. and Lange, T. (2016). Competition for the International Pool of Talent. Journal of Population Economics 29 (4): 1113-1154. DOI

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Kitsos, A. and Bishop, P. (2016). Economic resilience in Great Britain: the crisis impact and its determining factors for local authority districts. The Annals of Regional Science. DOI

Liu, Z.Y., Xu, Y., Wang, P.J. and Akamavi, R. (2016). A Pendulum Gravity Model of Outward FDI and Export. International Business Review 25(6): 1356-1371. DOI

Naguib, R. I. and Xu, F. (2016). Economic Growth, Foreign Direct Investment, and Privatisation in Egypt and China: Preliminary Results. Global Business & Economics Anthology 2: 138-159.

Nawaz, T. (2016). Talent Management And Corporate Governance: The Case of Islamic Finance. International Journal of Management and Applied Science 2(7): 58-61. DOI

Nawaz, T. (2016). Does One Size Fit All? Instigating Peer Assisted Learning Scheme (Pals) In Business School. International Journal of Business and Management Studies 5(02): 229–234. DOI

Nawaz, T. (2016). “Expatriation in the Age of Austerity: An Analysis of Capital Mobilization Strategies of Self-Initiated Expatriates”, In Handbook of Research on Human Resources Strategies for the New Millennial Workforce, IGI Global, Pennsylvania 17033-1240, USA (p.177-199). DOI

Oyemomi, O., Liu, S., Neaga, I. and Alkhuraiji, A. (2016). How knowledge sharing and business process contribute to organisational performance: using the fsQCA approach. Journal of Business Research 69(11): 5222-5227. DOI

Tziogkidis, P., Matthews, K. and Philippas, D. (2016). The effects of sector reforms on the productivity of Greek banks: a step-by-step analysis of the pre-Euro era. Annals of Operations Research. DOI

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Wang, P.J. (2016). China's Governance - 纵横中国. Springer, ISBN: 978-3-319-45913-4. 

Zarate, P. and Liu, S. (2016). A new trend in knowledge-based decision support systems design. International Journal of Information and Decision Sciences 8(3): 305-324. DOI

2015 publications

Alkhuraiji, A., Liu, S., Oderanti, F. and Megicks, P. (2015). New structured knowledge network for strategic decision making in IT innovative and implementable projects. Journal of Business Research 69(5): 1534-1538. DOI

Alodadi, A. and Benhin, J. (2015). Long Term Economic Growth in Oil-Rich Saudi Arabia: What is the role for non-oil sectors? Economic Issues 20(1): 109-130.

Alodadi, A. and Benhin, J. (2015). Religious Tourism and Economic Growth in Oil-Rich Countries: Evidence from Saudi Arabia. Tourism Analysis 20(6): 645-651. DOI

Ashby, S. and Phippen, P. (2015). Cyber Risk Management,

Basso, A. (2015). Does Democracy Foster the Fertility Transition? Kyklos 68(4): 459-474. DOI

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2014 publications

Alkuraiji, A., Liu, S., Oderanti, F., Annansingh, F., and Pan, J. (2014).  Knowledge network modelling to support decision-making for strategic intervention in IT project-oriented change management. Journal of Decision Systems 23(3): 285-302. DOI

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Elkady, G., Moizer, J., and Liu, S. (2014). A Decision Support Framework to Assess Grocery Retail Supply Chain Collaboration: A System Dynamics Modelling Approach. International Journal of Innovation, Management and Technology 5(4): 232-238.

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