HEA CPD Toolkit

A project funded by the Higher Education Academy in partnership with the Pedagogic Research Institute and Observatory, Plymouth University, Durham University and University Campus Suffolk.

Aims and objectives

There is an identified and urgent need to understand the ways in which continuing professional development (CPD) influences teaching quality and student learning. There have been a number of seminal studies which have investigated this area, as well as meta reviews of the literature. These studies found widespread consensus about the value of CPD in teaching but identified issues with how impact is measured, with respect to content and methodology.

In terms of method, to date, much CPD evaluation relies upon a snapshot which takes place in situ, post intervention and seeks measurement of satisfaction, rather than of those changes to thinking and practice which develop over time.

The aim of this project is to create state of the art knowledge and understanding relating to how the impact of CPD schemes on the student learning experience can be measured. Work to date has informed the development of a draft evaluation framework which is presented for piloting on this website.

The teams