Marine Biogeochemistry

The Biogeochemistry Research Centre was formed in 2009 by the merger of the Biogeochemistry and Environmental Analytical Chemistry group, and the Petroleum and Environmental Geochemistry Group. The groups conduct research on biogeochemical processes in marine systems using interdisciplinary approaches underpinned by novel analytical techniques.

Petroleum and Environmental Geochemistry Group

The Petroleum and Environmental Geochemistry Group (PEGG) brings together research in the general area of organic geochemistry at the University. The major areas of research are:

  • characterisation and geochemical fate of highly branched isoprenoids (HBIs)
  • characterisation of unresolved complex mixtures of hydrocarbons
  • environmental toxicology of petroleum hydrocarbons
  • fate of pharmaceuticals in the environment
  • fate and effect of plastics in the environment
  • characterisation and reactivity of organic nitrogen compounds.

Biogeochemistry and environmental analytical chemistry

The Biogeochemistry and Environmental Analytical Chemistry (BEACh) group have an active research programme in understanding the environmental behaviour, fate and impact of nutrients, and metals in terrestrial, atmospheric and aquatic systems. The group is also very active in developing and applying novel techniques to address the challenges of the analytical science community.

Marine biogeochemistry staff