Health and care research translation

PIHR Translation researchers include clinicians who work side-by-side with basic scientists to smooth the pathway between the laboratory and clinical practice, facilitating rapid translation of scientific discoveries into interventions to improve wellbeing.

We bring together expertise from across the spectrum of scientific discovery, health research and technology, to conduct world-class laboratory and clinical research. Areas of strength include cancer, oral health, neuroscience, rehabilitation, eye and vision research, and infection, immunity, and inflammation. The dynamic, collaborative, interdisciplinary research environment and integrative approach enables development of new therapeutics, diagnostics, interventions and approaches to prevent, detect and manage devastating diseases, enhance patient outcomes, and improve global healthcare. 

Examples include the work of our spin-off companies, such as The Vaccine Group which develops vaccines for wild animal populations which harbour diseases that may spread to humans. In a clinical setting, work carried out in Plymouth by our Mantle Cell Lymphoma group has helped to double life expectancy in this condition. Our Brain Tumour Centre of Excellence has taken insights developed on the molecular level of brain tumour growth and taken them through to clinical trials.