Health and care discovery science

At the Plymouth Institute of Health and Care Research we have strong areas of discovery science in subjects that include immunology, infection, cancer, experimental psychology, and neuroscience.

Our scientists study how tumours grow, how cells can become damaged in disease, and how the immune system fights infection. In brain sciences, more than 100 investigators from across the university work together with expertise ranging across cognitive psychology, human development, neural sciences, visual psychophysics, social sciences, human factors, biology, robotics, music, literature, film, and computational neuroscience. In dental molecular biology we are developing tissue engineering for tooth replacement. We are fascinated by the health potential of a unique cohort of patients we have identified who seem to be immune to hepatitis C.

The work of PIHR Discovery takes place across the University, but has a focus in our Plymouth health campus that includes the Derriford Research Facility, our new Brain Research and Imaging Centre (BRIC), the Science Park, and Derriford Hospital which is the largest regional hospital and a tertiary referral facility including the Major Trauma Centre for the peninsula. BRIC provides a hub for interdisciplinary brain research, combining human brain imaging with cutting-edge neuroscience to reveal the neural mechanisms of human learning, movement, navigation, language, decision-making, perception and imagination.