Lifestyle, health and wellbeing

This theme brings together research staff from occupational therapy, dietetics, nutrition, nursing, paramedicine, health studies, health informatics, education and sociology. The theme comprises the following groups:

Comparative Social Policy Research Group

The Comparative Social Policy Group aims to support the analysis and comparison of specific areas of social policy (particularly relating to early childhood and all areas of education, health and social work) and its enactment within and across different countries or systems. We are interested in promoting interdisciplinary research and international collaborations.

Dietetics, Human Nutrition and Health Research Group

Nutrition is integral to life and health; it influences growth, development, maintenance of health, and can be used to treat disease. This research group encompasses all these aspects of nutritional research and will collaborate across professions and with other institutes, promoting inter-disciplinary research between in the area of nutrition.

Eye and Vision Research Group

The Eye and Vision research group is an inter-professional group of scientists and clinicians who focus on structure and function of the eye, visual perception, and clinical measurement of vision and visual dysfunction.

Participation in everyday life Research Group

Participation is a health and wellbeing outcome that occurs when an individual is involved in activities, within the context of their life, which provides that person with a sense of engagement. It is concerned with people, their occupations and their environment.

Sustainability, Society and Health Research Group

This is a cross-faculty, multi-disciplinary group that explores issues and seeks solutions to the challenges that sustainability (climate change, fossil fuel and food security) presents to society and health.