IHC Plymouth Public Health Forum

The IHC Plymouth Public Health Forum was set-up to facilitate closer links between those of us, from across Plymouth, who are engaged in public health. 

It is a resource for anyone in Plymouth (and beyond) to use to support the development and evaluation of public health in Plymouth. 

The web page will showcase all the public health research in Plymouth; a central point for people to promote work that is happening in different groups and organisations. We will organise two public health events each year. 

The aim of these events is to promote developments in public health (with a key note speaker), to facilitate networking and a focus on Plymouth to help us drive public health research forward. 

The forum’s Twitter account is a means of enabling easier communication between Forum meetings as we are such a disparate group. Please use the #IHCPPHF when you are tweeting about public health. 

The groups convener is and Dr Clare Pettinger from the School of Health Professions. Plymouth City Council’s Public Health Team information can be found by visiting their website and by viewing the 2017 Plymouth Report.

IHC Plymouth Public Health forum event presentations 28 February 2017

Key Datasets

Plymouth City Council’s Public Health Team has access to a wealth of information related to the health of the local population. 

This includes information on mortality and morbidity as well as information from local population-wide surveys. The Team are also able to access data from regional and national bodies such as Public Health England and NHS Digital. 

This information is used across the council to enable health outcomes to be monitored and health improvement initiatives to be prioritised. There is widespread recognition that these sources could be further exploited by groups and individuals with the capacity to derive added value from such analysis. For a summary of the key datasets available to Plymouth City Council’s Public Health Team and their partners across the city, please visit our Key Dataset webpage

Plymouth Public Health potential MSc project topics

Here is a list of priority research projects that have been identified by Plymouth City Council’s Public Health Team.

These projects are suitable as MSc project topics and as such the team is inviting students to review the list and consider undertaking the required research.

Support, guidance, and access to relevant information will be provided by the Public Health Team to students who wish to undertake any one of these projects.

Public health related projects in Plymouth

If you would like to add a link to your public health project to the projects page, please email ihc@plymouth.ac.uk

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If you wish to attend this event but do not wish to use Eventbrite to book your place, please contact ihc@plymouth.ac.uk.