Research projects

Cornerstone Heritage

The University of Plymouth's interdisciplinary research group in cultural heritage – how we live with, use and understand the past through things, spaces, traditions and memory.

Our researchers exchange ideas and form new partnerships across the fields of heritage studies, art history, history, architecture, business, tourism, geography, 3D and graphic design, and digital technologies.

We work in co-productions with our partner organisations – museums, galleries, historic sites and landscapes – to develop new projects, test ideas and prototypes and produce new research.

With the support of The Arts Institute we host a range of activities that include network events, visiting speakers, research showcases and an annual postgraduate symposium hosted by the National Trust at Saltram House.

Cornerstone Heritage is also home to Cornerstone Praxis our heritage research and design agency.

Displacement Studies Research Network (DSRN)

DSRN seeks to provide a voice for the displaced and facilitates a platform for research projects with our global partners.

We are dedicated to collaborative partnerships with displaced communities, and to tracing, responding to, and informing relevant policy and practice.

Visit our webpage for further information

Urban Dialogues

Urban Dialogues, an initiative recently launched within The Arts Institute and linked to the Centre for Sustainable Futures, joins various disciplines and faculties from across the University, together with external collaborators. 

Our work is grounded in community-based learning and learning-supported community development. This initiative extends the University’s sustainability work and history of community engagement, and embraces the difference disparate disciplines bring to their praxis, and seeks to investigate and build upon the intersections between these trajectories. 

Such dialogically-oriented practice situates existing and emerging agendas into a multilayered framework enabling more joined-up thinking on pedagogy and community development.

Marine Cultures

The marine realm has had a profound impact on the development of human society and continues to stimulate creativity across the full spectrum of human expression. 

Marine Cultures is a key theme of the Arts Institute at the University of Plymouth, which aims to share knowledge and understanding about art and culture in ways that are inclusive, life affirming, challenging, informative and enjoyable. 

Interdisciplinary Centre for Computer Music Research (ICCMR)

Cutting-edge research in topics including the interface between music, computers, and the brain within a vibrant contemporary music community. Professor Eduardo Miranda explains more about his research in computer music.  Access our well-equipped studios, open plan lab and annual research seminar series.

In this short video Professor Eduardo Miranda introduces ICCMR

Professor Miranda explains more about his research in computer music

Institute of Digital Art and Technology (iDAT) 

i-DAT is an Open Research Lab for playful experimentation with creative technology.

We co-create and share technological prototypes and practices, that push and challenge the boundaries of digital arts and creative media practice. Our main focus is on making ‘data’ tangible, playable and readily available as a material, to generate new meaning and inform participation, audience engagement and innovation in the arts.

Transtechnology research

Transtechnology Research is a transdisciplinary research group situated in the Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Business. Its constituency is drawn from historians, philosophers, anthropologists, artists and designers, and is led from a historical and theoretical perspective, with the objective of understanding science and technology as a manifestation of a range of human desires and cultural imperatives. 

Its overarching research project concerns the historical and philosophical aspects of science and technology and the popular arts. 

Environmental Cultures

Environmental Cultures brings together a critical mass of researchers and practitioners at Plymouth whose work recognises how the arts, culture and the humanities are inextricably bound up with environmental challenges. Our members are based in fields including literature, art, design, architecture, business, geography, music, photography and marine science.

The cluster addresses a range of pressing questions, from our relationship with changing coastlines and oceans, to issues of landscape and identity, to the construction of future communities and ecologies. It is committed to working with colleagues across disciplines and institutions, and with partner organisations, to produce cutting edge new research and develop innovative new collaborations and projects.

Research with the Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Business

The faculty has substantial research excellence and international reputation across the disciplines of English, creative writing, history, education, contemporary arts practice, art theory and history, theatre, dance, performing arts and music, science and technology, digital arts, photography, art and technology, curatorial practice, architecture and environmental building.

With over 450 postgraduate and research students in our international partnership, the Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Business offers far ranging interdisciplinary research expertise, and includes The Arts Institute.