EPIC for business

EPIC are proud to be part of the ERDF suite of programmes with Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly which support innovation and help businesses to thrive in our region.

Our support offer is tailored towards the development of eHealth products and services, working closely with other programmes such as ATI2 or the Growthhub who deliver invaluable business support related to business processes, intellectual property and core enterprise skills. 

If we feel that you could benefit from working with other programmes that you may not yet be aware of, we will be sure to point you in their direction. eHealth is a vast area, with many applications and end benefits. In particular, for this phase of our project, we welcome ideas that:

  • Address difficulties of providing care in remote locations, such as telepresence or internet of things.
  • Consider how to make technology more accessible to all; including differences in IT literacy, sight challenges, age or hearing loss.
  • Innovations which address loneliness and isolation, and the strengthening of support networks and community.
  • Integrate with existing systems, to either improve user experience, strengthen their use or offer cost savings solutions to NHS trusts.
  • Boost the tech sector in our region, including in robotics and devices.

Your business could benefit from working with EPIC, not only by becoming part of our vast network and linking with valuable stakeholders such as end user groups and commissioners, as well as connecting to other eHealth ecosystems via SWITCH, but through our bespoke support package which offers:

1. Academic support to boost your innovation, and long term links to the University of Plymouth’s Centre of Health Technology

Through our academic team at the University of Plymouth, we can provide access to leading academics in the field of eHealth, as well as a dedicated research associate who will work with you to design and implement academic, sector-specific expertise to boost the development of your innovation.

This could be by conducting a review of existing literature in your field to help to evidence your proof of concept, assistance understanding how to evaluate your work, guidance on how to undertake usability testing or support to encourage end-user collaboration and co-design.

Blog: How can our academic team help to support your innovation?

2. Funding support specific for the development of eHealth innovations

Our knowledgeable team will work with you to connect to grant funding from specific calls or large bodies such as NIHR, Innovate, SBRI, and help you prepare your grant proposal in line with the outlined requirements. This could be by helping you collect and present evidence, understand the terminology used in the application forms or how to communicate the scope of your idea.

Furthermore, through the South West Academic Health Science Network (SWAHSN), EPIC has a £375,000 challenge fund available to help you test and scale your ideas and solutions.

Are you ready to apply to the EPIC Challenge Fund?

3. Student internship programme with University of Plymouth students

As part of our commitment to helping you deliver your eHealth solution, EPIC has set up a scheme for work-based internships. The scheme takes care of contractual legalities and insurance cover, as well as helping you through the recruitment and interview process, so you can focus on setting the perfect plan for your intern to follow. Perhaps you would like help from our computer science students on beta testing, or maybe you would benefit from the keen eye of one of our final year digital marketing students to help launch your product website?

The intern will work with you towards an agreed and bespoke brief and will be employed for between one and six months, either remotely or within your own facilities.  

The scheme benefits our students by offering the opportunity for them to gain practical work experience, in real-world environments, and ensures that they are treated and paid fairly – whilst you benefit from the extra staff to support your existing team.

A dedicated team at the University of Plymouth will provide Human Resources assistance, including helping you to select the best candidate from the pool of students who may apply to help drive your business forward. EPIC pledges up to 50% of the students' wages too, making it an affordable choice for your business.

4. Funded intervention with the Kernow Health CIC Digital and eHealth Testbed

Through our partners, Kernow Health CIC, EPIC is able to offer five hours of free support through the Digital and eHealth Testbed.

The Testbed supports companies developing innovations that relate to Primary and Community Care, offering a unique way to test solutions in real-world healthcare environments. This enables the gathering of practical evidence of efficacy and real-world feedback, to be used to overcome traditional barriers of engaging with the NHS.

Find out more about Supporting your Business using the Testbed

5. Access to the EPICentre; innovation lab and business facilities

We are proud to be opening our ‘EPICentre’ in the Health and Wellbeing Innovation Centre (HWIC) on the grounds of Treliske hospital, Truro. Within this facility we can offer SMEs support to showcase their technology, or conduct usability testing and co-design workshops, as well the use of the hot desks and meeting space.  

Everything that we offer within the EPICentre will be available at no cost to the SME or start up, but eligibility is dependent on registering for EPIC support. Despite the complications posed by COVID-19, we hope that this cutting edge resource will be open for you to benefit from in January 2021.

Indemnity statement

As part of the academic support that we offer your business as part of the collaboration with EPIC; we may offer or provide you with a variety of assistance and advice, including but not limited to help to prepare applications, bids and tenders with a view to apply for further funding or to obtain contracts. Our support and assistance in this regard is gratuitous and does not guarantee any measure of success, and does not give rise to any liability on our part to you in connection therewith, whether in contract, tort, breach of statutory duty or otherwise.  This exclusion does not apply to any liability on our part which is not capable of being excluded or limited by law.

A copy of the insurance certificate can be found on our insurance pages.