Research projects

MPhil and PhD projects

Alsofyani, Sultan, PhD (2015 on-going) “Optimising contract management systems to enhance performance in the construction industry of Saudi Arabia” (Joint project with Environmental Building Group)

Razaghi-Kashani, Nirvan, PhD (2015 on-going) “An analysis of the Iranian post-earthquake management and structural assessment system”

Almehareb, Tareq Mohammed, PhD (2014), “Service quality improvement through lean management at King Khalid International Airport in Saudi Arabia”

Bakthavatchaalam, Venkat, PhD (2010 on-going), “Development of appropriate motivational thinking for Indian academics”
Lattore, Veronica, PhD (2009), "The Construction Manager's Influence on Project Success" (Joint project with Environmental Building Group)

Lorraine, Rupert, MPhil (2009) "The Development of a Best-Practice Framework for the implementation of Advanced Manufacturing Technologies (AMTs) in Low-Technology Enabled Small & Medium Enterprises (LTESMEs)"

Mudiyanselage, Nilmini Priyanka Jayaweera Dissanayake, PhD (2011) “Life cycle assessment of flax fibres for the reinforcement of polymer matrix composites”

Sherif, Khaled (2010), "Total Quality Management and Construction Project Management in Libya" (Joint project with Environmental Building Group)

MSc projects

Albeloushi, M (2016) “A critical assessment of challenges encountered when implementing Building Information Modelling (BIM) on construction projects in Kuwait”

Almutairi, A (2016) “A critical analysis of the system used to select forms of contract and terms of payment for construction projects in Kuwait”

Almutairi, N (2016) “Preventing time and cost overruns on construction projects managed by the Public Authority for Applied Education and Training (PAAET) in Kuwait”

Alenezi T (2013) “Lean Design Management: Interoperation and Application in the UK and the UAE”

Ali H (2008) “Optimising Project Outcomes”

Bakthavatchaalam V (2008) “Applications of Motivational Practices in Evolving Economies: A case study of Indian Organisations”

Bott J (2010) “An Investigative Analysis into the Impact of the New Flood Management Regulations on Devon County Council”

Brook T (2008) “Exploring the Tsunami Threat to the UK”

Duan Y (2014) “An Investigation into construction sustainability awareness in Africa - Uganda, Liberia and Tanzania”

Gercek T (2010) “Business continuity management and construction business failure: An analysis of UK experiences”

Hall J (2010) “Improving project management within the construction industry”

Moreno C (2014) “Project Theseus: monitoring the Theseus DSS tool in practice, focussing on the South Devon study case”

Palmer G (2013) “An Exploration into the Awareness, Knowledge and Skill Levels of Lean within Construction SMEs”

Prydderch M (2011) “Tsunamis, Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Plans; A UK Case Study”

Sarhan S (2012) “A Strategy for Overcoming Barriers to the Successful Implementation of Lean Construction in the UK”

Scott J (2009) “Exploring the potential for integrating information management systems used by the construction industry in the UK”