Engineering and Society Research Group

The Engineering and Society Research Group is a unique cluster of academic staff, research students and collaborating partners, all united by a collective ambition to deepen and engage engineering knowledge for the long-term and sustainable betterment of society.

Being located in the city of Plymouth, we share the aims of the city and the university to embody the spirit of discovery that inspired voyagers to set out from the city and explore the wider world.

We are proud of the economic, social and cultural contributions our research is making within the network of individuals, organisations and societies that we have encountered along our own journey of discovery. 

We place a high value on the connections we have created both locally and internationally and in addition to our aim to excel in areas of scholarly and professional work we also care about what we do and how we do it. In so doing we ensure that our outputs achieve the maximum beneficial impact on both our environment and our society. 

Our research themes

Engineering education - continuously improving engineering pedagogies, teaching practice and professional development by engaging with new technologies and applying innovative educational methodologies

Engineering and environmental management - expanding the body of knowledge about how engineering can mitigate the impact of environmental hazards and applying that knowledge to enhance engineering management processes, systems and operations

Engineering in society - deepening understanding of issues to do with gender, equality, ethics and professional behaviour in engineering industries and changing public perceptions of engineers by generating greater awareness of the positive role that engineers play in creating sustainable societies.