eHealth and technology

Led by Professor Ray Jones, the eHealth and Technology Research Group is focused on the impact and implementation of eHealth, on patients' use of the internet, and online collaborative learning between patients and professionals. 

Assessing the impact of eHealth usually involves an interdisciplinary approach and we have projects and proposals at the various stages of evaluation from exploratory work, through pilots to randomised trials. 

At the moment we are particularly focused on two large ERDF fund projects in Cornwall and Devon and on embedding eHealth in the nursing curriculum with our students as ‘agents of change’.

We have developed and implemented e-learning methods (including use over more than a decade of webcasting with accompanying online discussion). 

We involve nursing students through Twitter (@PUNC14) in their online engagement with professionals and patient groups. Please see our recent publication on embedding Twitter as an assessed element of the undergraduate curriculum. 

One of our aims is to reduce unnecessary travel and reduce the carbon footprint (see sustainability, society and health).

A major current interest is in dementia. You can view a lecture (2015) on the use of technology in dementia by Professor Jones that was part of a lecture series on dementia.

There is considerable scope for applications for postgraduate research degrees in these areas.

You can find Professor Jones on Twitter and on Google Scholar

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