Research in Law, Criminology and Government

Research integrating the disciplines of criminology, law, politics, international relations and sociology, with a broad focus on furthering reform, informing policy and engaging with related issues.

Our researchers engage in an extensive range of theoretically-oriented and empirical research activities, driven by an overall commitment to promoting fairness and social justice. A full list of staff research interests and publications can be found at their professional pages. Our research is organised around nine broad themes.

We aim to promote and encourage research into our key themes, through collaborations with the broader academic community, key stakeholders within local, national and international partnerships, and through encouraging a lively and diverse postgraduate research environment.

We hold regular meetings to discuss research direction, research grant applications, present working papers and foster an inclusive research environment. We work with other Schools across the University alongside local and national stakeholders, to organise seminar series, guest lectures and conferences. In addition the Law School publishes an online journal – The Plymouth Law and Criminal Justice Review – which showcases staff and student research.

Professor Alison Anderson 
Associate Head of School for Law, Criminology and Government Research