Between 2013-15 St Peter’s Church, Ugborough, Devon, received in excess of £50,000 from the HLF to fund repairs to the roof, with the aim of preserving the fifteenth century carved roof bosses in the north aisle.

Dr Jameson Tucker and Dr Liz Tingle, history, worked with St Peters in the planning and grant-writing of the project and undergraduate and graduate students played an important role in researching and writing the new information panels that were installed as part of the community outreach and education element of the grant. 

Research on the bosses themselves was done by a PhD graduate of ours, Dr Sue Andrew, who produced a new guide book which - with a new rolling mirror - makes the bosses much more accessible to the public. 

The work by the students and staff of the history department has been presented in a series of permanent presentation-boards which currently stand in the nave of the church.

For further information contact Jameson Tucker.