Decision Making, Persuasion and Behavioural Change (DPaBC)

The Decision Making, Persuasion and Behavioural Change research initiative (DPaBC) will address three related areas. First, how do individuals, groups and organisations make decisions? Second, what strategies can be used to influence organisations’ stakeholders? Third, how can habits and behaviours be deliberately created or changed? 

The approach will be cross-disciplinary pulling together, for example, decision making from a variety of perspectives including financial investment, organisational strategy and marketing. Two areas will be of especially interest. First, the importance of assessing how decisions are made and persuasion strategies to changing behaviours within environmental sustainability. For example, this will include projects to assess sustainable practices. Second, we will look at how individual, group, organisation and societal behaviour can be influenced in a post Covid-19 world. For example, this could include the impact on tourist behaviour, the use of digital technology to reach physically remote citizens and encouraging local supply chains. Overall, the group aims to cross-fertilise ideas across disciplines to address evolving practical issues.

DPaBC members

  • Associate Professor (Reader) in Persuasion and Communication
    Initiative Lead