Cyber security research seminar series

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Dr Osama Abu Oun

Wednesday 09 March 2022 11:00-12:30

DevSecOps: Concept and Challenges

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The presentation will focus on the big picture of DevOps and Cybersecurity. It will discuss the challenges faced by DevOps engineers and the need to integrate cybersecurity into the DevOps process.



Dr Osama is a Cybersecurity/DevSecOps trainer at Sparta Global. After obtaining his PhD degree, he did four postdoctoral degrees in Orange Telecom, University of Westminster and University of Kent. He worked in many domains in Computer Science, such as: networking, IoT, Cloud Computing, DevOps and Cybersecurity. He worked as a Network/Solution Engineer, Network lab instructor, IT manager, R&D manager, Research Associate and Cybersecurity Trainer.