Inflammation and the vasculature in oral disease

Areas of research:

  • the role of macrophages and endothelial cells in initiating and propagating oral cancers
  • the link between oral bacteria and systemic vascular disease
  • understanding inflammatory mechanisms and bacterial pathogenesis during periodontal disease
  • mechanisms of lipopolysaccharide induced microvascular inflammation and pathophysiology
  • the role of inflammatory and endothelial cells in the development of salivary gland disease
  • investigating the molecular mechanisms involved in modulation of osteoclast function
  • investigating molecular mechanisms of mesenchymal stem cell – cell interactions in oral tissues
  • developing 3-Dimensional models for studying oral disease mechanisms
  • inter-professional education in undergraduate dental programmes.

Internal collaborators

External collaborators

We are currently collaborating with researchers at University of Sheffield, University of Exeter and University of Leicester on specific research projects

Recent selected publications

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