Plymouth student to contribute to dental care in Peru

Jack Slaymaker, a third year student from Plymouth University Peninsula School of Dentistry, is to travel to Peru over the summer to contribute to dental care there.

Jack will work in the local hospital in Arequipa where he will provide free, much needed and sometimes vital dental treatment to disadvantaged children and adults.

He will also be giving lessons in local schools on how to care for teeth and keep them healthy, and the importance of dental hygiene.

Many of the patients that Jack will treat are unable to afford needed dental treatment, and in many cases people are suffering from the long-term effects of dental pain.

Jack has already raised more than the £1500 needed for the trip, which he did with a crowdfunding campaign in under two weeks.

“I think it is a fantastic opportunity to provide care for people who might not be able to afford to have is otherwise,” said Jack. “To be able to help someone out of pain and bring them confidence and, of course, a smile is a truly rewarding experience. I now have the chance to use the dental skills I’ve learned to provide dental treatment to people who have not had access to it.”
He added: 

“I’m so grateful everyone who has supported my trip. The cost is high, but the money goes to support the local hospitals in Arequipa, as well as my placement there. This will ensure that they can carry on helping those who need care the most.”