Media coverage - May 2019

Brain imaging lie-detector can be beaten with simple techniques, research shows

People have certain physical ‘tells’ when they conceal information – and studies show that good liars can prevent these ‘tells’ being detected. But scientists have now shown that even a brain imaging technique called fMRI, which in theory is much harder to trick, can be beaten by people who use two particular mental countermeasures.

Study explores the use of robots and artificial intelligence to understand the deep-sea

Artificial intelligence (AI) could help scientists shed new light on the variety of species living on the ocean floor, according to new research led by the University of Plymouth.

Multimillion pound project will see AI remixing radio to help people living with dementia

A £2.7 million project is to use artificial intelligence to adapt and personalise live radio, with the aim of transforming life for people living alone with dementia.

GP for Sir David Attenborough inspiring others into the career

Dr Lucy Obolensky, who supported Sir David Attenborough as he filmed the hit show Our Planet, hopes her work will encourage more people to consider a career in general practice.