Media coverage - January 2019

Researcher shares pioneering work on BBC antibiotics programme

Dr Tina Joshi appeared on 'The Truth About Antibiotics', which was presented by Angela Rippon to show the extent of the problem of antibiotic resistance. 

Plymouth Contemporary Music Festival 2019

Including a duet for seagulls and clarinet and a Shakespearean prequel opera with a Game of Thrones twist.

Polonium widow Marina Litvinenko to give public talk in Plymouth

Event sponsored by the School of Law, Criminology and Government in partnership with Plymouth U3A.

University researchers to tackle drug-resistant disease that jumps from pigs to humans

Dr Michael Jarvis's The Vaccine Group and Professor Mat Upton are tackling the spread of Streptococcus suis (“S.suis”) which can cause meningitis, blood poisoning, or septicaemia.