Media coverage - February 2019

Scientists complete first UK-wideassessment of changes in plankton community

Scientists from the University of Plymouth and other world-leading marine research organisations have completed the first ever assessment of how planktoncommunities are changing in coastal waters and shelf seas around the UK.

Research shows key function of specialised cells in peripheral nerve repair

The study reveals how macrophages, cells that play an important role in tissue repair and wound healing following traumatic injury, use a specific cell signalling pathway to control the processes of nerve repair following damage. The work was led by the Institute of Translational and Stratified Medicine (ITSMed). 

PhD candidate takes part in international mission exploring the science of space exploration

Photographer and film-maker Benjamin Pothier, from the University of Plymouth’s PlanetaryCollegium, is taking part in a mission to perform scientific experiments and test technological instruments needed for the future exploration of the Moon or Mars.