Media coverage – October 2019

Mayflower Autonomous Ship in historic dock – credit Bob Stone, Human Interface Technology Team, University of Birmingham

Global tech firm IBM joins Mayflower Autonomous Ship project
International technology giant IBM has signed up to work with the University of Plymouth and other partners on an ambitious project to sail an unmanned ship across the Atlantic Ocean


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Sustainable construction project wins major European award
CobBauge, which is led by the University of Plymouth and funded by the European Union, was a winner at this year’s RegioStars awards in Brussels in the category devoted to sustainability.

Robots can learn how to support teachers in class sessions
Robots can take just three hours to successfully learn techniques which can be used to support teachers in a classroom environment, according to new research by the University of Plymouth.

Could gum disease be linked to oral cancer?
Researchers at the University of Plymouth are exploring possible links between the bacteria that cause gum disease and the progression of oral cancer.

Highly venomous lionfish on the menu in Greece and Cyprus as conservationists tackle invasive species (Daily Telegraph)
A voracious, venomous species of fish that has invaded the Mediterranean from the Red Sea may be about to meet its match as conservationists urge people to start eating them.

South West businesses uncertain and sceptical as Brexit approaches
Researchers at the University of Plymouth conducted a series of interviews and focus groups to provide a unique picture of the Brexit pressures facing the region.

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