Media coverage – March 2017

Lack of support for pregnancy sickness

PhD student Caitlin Dean has found that more than half of women suffering with hyperemesis gravidarum (HG) – severe pregnancy sickness – did not find access to treatment easy, and some were left with no choice but to terminate their wanted pregnancy

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Washing clothes releases microfibres into the ocean

PhD student Imogen Napper has appeared on a Sky News special report explaining how washing your clothes can release microfibres into the ocean.

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Marine life contaminated by plastic microfibres shed from clothes

Professor Richard Thompson describes how substantial numbers of fish and shellfish are now contaminated with small pieces of plastic, including fibres

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There's more to a 24-hour city than pubs and clubs

Oliver Smith, Reader in Criminology, writes about the ways cities can move their nightlife away from drink-dependent culture

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Fathers face negative bias in workplace

Jasmine Kelland has conducted a study looking at the negative bias fathers face when applying for part-time work. The initial research may explain why so many more mothers work part-time than fathers

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Getting Back to the Land with Kate Humble

Faculty of Arts and Humanities graduate Justin Floyd talks to the presenter about his way to make wool rock solid and use it to create modern innovative furniture products

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This vaccine just might stop Ebola from annihilating the great apes

A report features the work of Dr Michael Jarvis into potential vaccines to combat Ebola

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Architecture students help to create unique camping experience on the Dartington estate

A report into a joint project between the University and Dartington Hall Trust which will see a series of eco-pods built on the South Devon estate

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Camber Sands deaths: inquest should look at council role

The Guardian reports on the upcoming inquests of five men who drowned last summer and the role the university's Coastal Marine Applied Research team have played in assessing safety on the beach

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